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SHOCKLET is the first advanced and affordable device in the world dedicated to the safety of females. This is an SOS bracelet that gives onboard safety

most advanced and affordable bracelet

Giving electric shocks to the person who tries to misbehave at the same time, this device will send an SOS message to the top 3 people along with your live location who you have listed in the application. At the same time device will automatically connect the call to the nearest police station. This device can be worn by females on their wrist as a bracelet and after activating the device they make themselves 100% secure. The aim and purpose behind the development and designing of the product are to bring down the number of violence. It will contribute towards making the females fearless and safe even if they are alone. ultimately this device will create a sense of security and independence in the mind of all the females.

"If You are a Man, You Should Respect the Dignity, Integrity, and Rights of a Woman"
- Shahzeb Khan -

Shocklet smart

24*7 Security

Shocklet enables 24*7 security to the one who is wearing it. Thanks to Long battery life

Panic Button

Do you love wearing bracelets? Then it's for you, a very normal bracelet, bUt with an inbuilt panic button, you can transform it into a safety bracelet.

Inbuilt Shock Mechanism

Here something new! The onboard safety. Once you activated your device through the panic button and then if someone tries to touch you then the person will experience an electric shock. Boom

GPS tracking

No matter where you are, Your location will be tracked and will be sent to your favorite person, once you activate the device by panic button

The idea of making this device ‘SHOCKLET’ emerged in the mind of the founder ‘Shahzeb Khan’ in the year 2018 as a solution to a problem that always created…

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