‘I was in my room reading about the increasing drug addiction, I got smoke of cigarettes in my nostrils that too coming from the next room’

Intake of drugs is not new In the society but a sudden spike in the rate of its consumption among youngsters can be felt nowadays.

Whether it’s cigarettes, marijuana , hashish, cannabis, charas, cocaine , heroine, alcohol  or anything else

Who should be blamed for this ?

The government policies ,drug manufacturing companies, growing stress level or the motion pictures.

Government policies can’t be blamed on the whole for the increased consumption.

Drug manufacturing companies put warning signs on their products but they can’t stop the production as it’s their source of earning.

Stress level , what sort of stress a young mind could have . Age is confusing, having mixed emotions is common but drug abuse is why something new to the youngsters?

As far as motion pictures are concerned whatsoever is shown in movies and webseries works as a trendsetter and the young mind who is curious to explore gets dragged in it, if he lacks proper guidance and knowledge.

Film industry does their best ,adding the warning danger sign ‘smoking/drug is injurious to health ‘ but does anyone pay attention to it.

Then the young minds get a thought and assumptions they would look cool if they start the intake of drugs they can be so amazing and sometimes it’s to handle the pressure from every side(studies, young love, breakup) and make themselves feel fine.

No doubt drugs make the mind relax but do you know how it works?

It slowed down the speed and working of the brain and as a result we feel so good and eventually get addicted and youngsters are more prone to it , addiction is something really prominent during the adolescent. slowed down the process of the young brain harming the future of the world .

Now the question is what needs to be done ?

Should cinema stop showing scenes where alcohol or drugs are there or govt. Should strictly prohibit it.

Cinema won’t stop it as it may harm their script and ratings .

Even if the government imposed a complete ban on the selling of such products black markets do exist.

So one thing which can be done and needs to be done is to provide a proper education and to make the youngsters know what is right and wrong to make them aware of the value of their life . To make them understand what life is . Not a strict action is required but a polite and caring way is to be adopted to understand the young mind and to make the mind understand the value of themselves. It is really very important to control the level of addiction to protect the future of the world.

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