Settled for 9-5?

“I want to be rich, I want to earn more, I want my each and every dream to come true, I want to explore the world. “

A child explained what he wants in future to his parents.

“I have limited income, I am not rich as I belong to middle-class family background, I am tired so I don’t have time to think upon my dreams, no money and no time is the reason that I could not explore the world, but I am satisfied I can manage 3 times meal for my family, I am able to give quality education to my children, now they will become rich and make my dreams come true.”

The same child when grown up into an adult explained it to his wife and children.

Is the statement justified? Was he giving excuses to his family or to himself?

Is it that after growing up we don’t have time to live up to our dreams?

The answer to all these questions is just that we get settled, we get satisfied with what we have, we stop trying, energy is within us but we don’t utilize it. It’s human nature to live in a comfort zone, to get stopped at a certain level. After that we start searching for excuses, giving condolences to our childhood enthusiasm.

Now it’s time for a change, now it’s time to be hungry, instead of getting settled it’s time for changing the height of goal every time we reach the level that we set for ourselves, it’s time for work instead of complaining.

The meaning of some words is now required to be changed instead of using hungry, unsettled, uncontented in a negative way it’s time to appreciate them and make their use in an affirmative way. That era has gone when the settled one was appreciated and unsettled was called aimless.

I ask, why be settled when you can do more, achieve more, or earn more? Why let yourself be a puppet of your job/boss?

Getting a job or being employed is not bad, not everyone can be an employer but what is the need to limit yourself, your abilities?

You have enough time left with you which can be utilized for making dreams successful.

You have the potential in you to be rich.

You can’t justify your limited income by putting all the blame on your family background or the workload. Every rich person you see today worked day and night just to be rich, why can’t you?

Discover yourself, your potential, abilities, capacity and work accordingly.

First rule-

Stay hungry, here who stays hungry is not foolish but the smart one who is never satisfied the moment you get satisfied you stop yourself, you create a boundary. You expect a 3-time meal, good clothes, quality education for your kids, and a house to live in, you get all these things and you stop yourself from doing more.

Second rule-

The expectation is something that lets your vision get narrower, stricter. Don’t live with expectations, live beyond expectations.

Don’t just live with potential, convert the potential energy into kinetic one.

Third rule-

Don’t ever forget or kill your dreams or the enthusiasm you once had. Work on it. If you don’t have much time, at least give 30 minutes daily to work upon your dreams. Everything begins with a small step.

Forth rule-

Time won’t come to you. Steal the time from 24hrs on yourself. Working, doing a job of 9-5 still, you have 16 hrs with you, utilize it in the best possible manner. Grab the opportunity. Everyone has the same 24 hrs some get rich and some remain what they were earlier.

Now the choice is yours ‘contented’ or ‘unsatisfied’.

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