Story of Nandita Bijur and Leela Bordia

“You may know about Sanders, Verghese Kurian, Walt Disney, Satya Barta Dey, Jamshedji Tata and Dheeru Bhai Ambani. They are founders of KFC, AMUL, Disney, Sree Leathers, TATA Enterprises and Reliance respectively.”

“Do you know any female entrepreneurs that are Indian?”
I asked

“I wonder if they even exist?”
Person replied.

“Yes, they do exist. It’s just your ignorant and stereotypical mind which makes you think women are not able to be entrepreneurs.”
I replied

“Do you seriously mean? I haven’t either heard or read about them.”
Person enquired

“Okay, then let me tell you about them.”
I said

Behind every successful person there are a lot of struggles but when we talk about female businesswomen or entrepreneurs there are way more hurdles and obstacles than that of males. Even after being successful they don’t easily get recognition.
Right from thinking about to start up an enterprise to its setup and working, everywhere and every time they need to prove themselves.
In India mostly females are considered subject to household. Even when they have ideas and Calibre to work or to establish their own business they don’t get support and motivation even underestimated by their family and so their dreams remain dreams.

when they get support and all set to start giving concrete form to their dreams there arises a problem of finance. Most people don’t lend money loans to females because they doubt they will be able to work and earn to repay it back or not. As far as banks and other institutions are concerned they want collateral security and as the Project remains that if start up they don’t have much for showing to the bank and putting up as collateral.

In Spite of all the obstacles few women proved themselves and are now successful business women/entrepreneurs today.

Nandita Bijur and Leela Bordia are two such successful business women.
Here comes the story of their struggle and success.

NANDITA BIJUR owner of Uma Food products, an enterprise worth several crores of rupees.
Establishing an enterprise was not an easy task for her. She never experienced a childhood as from an early age she was supposed to look after the house because of her mother’s illness. She belonged to a poor family background.

Her business started from her own house with a single product that was the ice cream mix and the company now has over 40 products.

It all started with a dream to start a small business and to prove everyone Malti’s daughter is not poor(Malti- Nandita’s mother).
she was not able to fulfill her dreams on her own without any support, her husband supported her to let her live her dreams.
Initially it was really tough for her but gradually things started getting better. She started packing up products on her own with help of her husband and children if required in the second shift when she gets off from her job.
With the increase in sales of her product she decided to set up her factory and employ a few people as it was getting difficult for her and her husband all alone.
Her business was on the peak but soon hitted by a crisis. When her product got reach which was named as ‘yummy ice creams’ it came into knowledge that already a company existed by this name with a registered trademark in Goa. The owner of that company arrived with CBI officials and stormed into her factory.
This incident nearly wiped her out. She took legal help and with the help of them matter got settled out of the court.
Once again she was standing at the initial position where she was left with no money and even no one gave her any credit. Later she changed the name of her company to uma food products and her packaged line to ‘eat me’.
She learned a lot from her mistakes and is now successfully running her enterprise for more than 10 years.

LEELA BORDIA owner of Jaipur Blue Pottery business worth 25 crores. Starting up a business is not as easy as it seems to be.
She started her business with just 500 rupees. She worked for the betterment of artisans of jaipur. She did her best to let the local craft of jaipur get recognition world wide. She insisted artisans to adopt some new and modern techniques . It was difficult for her to convince artisans to do so, until a craftsman agreed to work according to her suggested way and it turned out to be a huge success. Later on other craft people joined her as they saw her idea was working.
leela contributed towards increasing the standard of living of the artisans who were associated with this traditional craft of pottery and dying.

Later on she received help and support from her husband and well as in laws.

Today Leela provides livelihood to thousands of people.
In this way from just being a housewife she turned out to be a successful social entrepreneur.

” I think this is enough to make you understand about Indian female entrepreneurs, and the reason why they suffer and don’t get recognition is that people are less bothered to know about them.”
Here I conclude.

-reference entrepreneurship ncert class 11

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