SHOCKLET new basic necessity for life.

“What are the basic necessities of life?”

“They are food, shelter and clothes.”

“Is it all required for living life?”

“Yes, if we have food, shelter and clothing what else is required?”

“Okay fine. Let me know is life possible without a female?”

“Wait, What do you mean by this? life without a female, you want me to add females to the list of basic necessities of life. Is it what you expect from me? Let me clear you if life isn’t possible without females then it’s not possible without males too, mind it.”

“You are getting aggressive and interpreting things in the wrong way. this is not what i want to say.”

“Then clear your intention behind your words for my better understanding.”

Do you know about literacy rate of females, prostitution, domestic violence, female infanticide, dowry.”

“They don’t exist now. They all have ended years ago what you are talking about?”

“Do you really believe? okay let me tell you.

First answer some of my questions.

What is the ratio of males and females in your class?

What was the age when girls in your family got married?

What did your parents give to your sister when she got married?”

“There are in total 5 girls out of 40 students in the class. The normal age for females to get married is around 24-25.
They gave a lot of gifts and money to her as well as her in-laws.”

“Maybe now things are getting clear to you. Let me tell you more.

There are some socials evils in our society which are persisting for a long time and are continued till date which is in connection with females. I agree with your words that males and females both are equally important but nowadays females in humans are like that of endangered species.

The reason is the increase in the rate of crimes like literacy rate among females, child marriage, dowry*, female infanticide*, domestic violence*, prostitution*, sexual assaults, rapes*, and murder.

what I meant by asking for, is life possible without females? is that don’t you think the safety and security of females are now a new basic necessity for life.”

“What can we do to stop these kinds of crimes and to provide safety and security to females?”

“we can do alot. Do you put status on your whatsapp, share stories on your instagram or trend hashtags when such heinous crime takes place.”

“Yes, of course I do, they are supposed to get justice.”

“Do you know about shocklet?”


  • “Do you know ‘prevention is better than cure’? Try to stop the crime so there will be no such need of demanding justice for the victims.
  • Shocklet is the first advanced female safety device which is intended to reduce almost 90% of rape cases. If you don’t know about it yet, then I would suggest you acquire knowledge about it. being ignorant in a situation like this won’t work in the present day scenario.”

“you are right ‘prevention is better than cure’ for sure I will be acquiring knowledge about the device and if I find it suitable will be giving it to my sisters, friends, even suggest others and make them aware about it.”


  • DOWRY-Odisha tops the chart of dowry deaths, with the latest statistics issued by NCRB shows it reported as many as 1,487 cases under the dowry prevention act accounting for 16.5% of total cases recorded in the country during 2012
  • FEMALE INFANTICIDE-according to reports by India today nearly 2500 cases of female foeticide and infanticide take place in the state of Rajasthan every day.
  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE-NCRB says a total of 1.26 lakh incidents of crimes against women were reported in the country in 2019.
  • PROSTITUTION-according to a report by India today around 1.2 million children in India are involved in child prostitution.
  • RAPES- N.C.R.B. reported 32,033 rape cases in year 2019.

reference N.C.R.B. report and article from India Today.

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  1. Sushmita Anand

    Very well written …. and absolutely it is the “new basic necessity ” in life of every women … and actually I m very pleased to find this article which actually helps you to understand what is the situation of women in today’s world . 👍👍

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