Satya Barta Dey

A layman with exceptional features proved that you don’t need to be rich to prove yourself. To be rich, it is not necessary to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

Satya Barta Dey, a successful businessman and an inspiration for youngsters is an example of the above statement.

Increasing wealth from poverty-

(source- entrepreneurship ncert-class 12)

Satya Barata Dey started his journey to become a big business in the year 1986, with only a few hundred rupee notes in the hands given by his mother, which has now become millions.

From his home in Jamshedpur, he went to Calcutta, he had some clothes on his back, corduroy pants, a shirt, and a pair of shoes made by his father.

Today that young boy provides jobs to millions of unemployed people.

Although many people don’t know about him, there is hardly anyone who is not aware of Shree Leather or bought a pair of shoes from there.

Satya’s father was a cobbler, he was the owner of a small shop in Jamshedpur. Their shoes were so sturdy that they could be worn for twenty years without any damage. Satya learned to make shoes there by his father.

He learned the fine art of making strong, good-looking shoes at a reasonable price.

Though starting a business in the Bengali community is not seen as something good or plausible, still he chose the path which was rarely being chosen by anyone. Instead of being a government employee or job seeker satyabarta dey chooses to be an employer.

Out of all the taunts and facing prejudice because his father was a shoemaker he never thought of doing something else and he always wanted to do a business of shoes which he wanted to start completing his life in.

Satya knows the dignity of Labour and how to treat his employees rather than just a staff he treats them like his family.

The second important thing is to please the customer. He always wants his clients to be satisfied and comfortable.

What else can you learn from the life of Satya Barata Dey is patience.

Since Rome was not built in a day.

Satya is a good example of patience initially he had a profit of just Rs 300 and a low quality rented showroom which was also his home. He started his venture with only six pairs of female sandals he comfortably used to open the store before and closed long after others had. Over a period of time, with the help of loyal employees, he gained the trust of his clients and his business made his name because of the unbeatable quality of his production.

He has 30 outlets of Shree leathers spread across nine states of India including West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, etc., with only one showroom being his own which is from Calcutta and all other franchises.

Satya doesn’t want to compromise with the quality of shoes he use to make and the way he keeps his clients happy is why he doesn’t want to give the franchise, but because he gives the job opportunities he envisions Shree Leather, though expansion doesn’t mean much to him, creating jobs is important to him and he thought not expanding it will be a selfish behavior. Now Shree Leather has franchises all over the world.

Conclusion which can be drawn from the above case study of satyabrata dey is that never underestimate yourself. Keep working hard to fulfill your dreams. No work is small or big.

Show respect to each and every profession.

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