Our Vision of bringing the change

An entrepreneur is known as someone who develops something to solve a problem and with that one tries to earn money. Our Team is working very hard to reduce the cases of rape up to 90% globally with our tech solution. No matter you are capable of purchasing one or not, we will help you to get one at anyhow.

Save Girl, Save the future! is not worthy unless and until we make feel safe women of our country. The development comes from a developed mentality!

Team Work

Our team has worked on some very cool projects, a few of them doing great in the market and a few are in the R & D stage.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

We have developed some high-tech drones, from saving lives to serving the Indian Army.

Medical Advancement

Swiftheal, the world's cheapest and fastest wound healing device has been developed by one of our team member.

Advanced home automation

We are providing solutions to every type of families to make their house fully autonomous at an affordable price

Digital solutions

From designing the web to developing mobile software, we have completed so many projects for our customers.

vision for the future

about our philosophy


Providing security to females across the globe.


Bringing next-generation safety innovation for countrymen. Creating a peaceful world. No Rapes


The technology that we have developed will help us to achieve our mission and vision.

Our Research

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Women’s safety has always been kept under repeated trials ever since prehistoric times and the world for her is still no different today. Desertedlanes, lonely places often witness the most barbaric crimes did against women and in most cases, the ‘men’ doing it are often set free. The ongoing Modern-Era marked with various modern technologies, however, still denies the subjectivity to women. So it’s high time for the fairer sex to actin the forefront now and hold herself in charge of the protection and security of her own. We hereby propose a solution that will continually strive to cohabit with women’s safety and shielding. Our shocklet technologies, therefore, have come up with a women’s personal safety device named Shocklet. Shocklet is India’s first affordable women’s safety smart bracelet which will give onboard safety. The moment it is switched on, the body of the person wearing gets charged and any other person coming in physical contact with the charged body will receive an electric shock, and at the same time, this device will also send an SOS message to the nearest police station with the live location. Founded in 2020, by two boys from Bihar, Mr. Shahzeb Khan, and Mr. Lokesh Ranjan, Shocklet has five more employees in sensor development, shocklet technologies, and machine learning. Along with this, we are making a community for further distribution and marketing of Shocklet. We believe in enlightening the children from a very tender age about the importance of women’s safety and integrity. So we will be having our campus ambassador program for school and college students which will help in creating awareness about the responsibility we have towards each other as a human, devoid of the gender binary. Weare also aiming to provide various training programs for girls, for them to safeguard themselves against any panic situation.


Headquarter: Patna, India


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