Behind the scene

-The idea of making this device ‘SHOCKLET’ emerged in the mind of the founder ‘Shahzeb Khan’ in the year 2018 as a solution to a problem that always created stress and worries in his head. The problem was that his sister was living away from home where no one was there to provide safety and security to her, which created tension not just to him but to everyone in his family. Mainly the worries were due to the increased rate of crime against women in our country. stepping out from home away from family to an unknown place where no one was there to look around, not only created issues for home mates but also the sense of insecurity was in the mind of his sister as well . she was new to the place and all alone there.  A problem can’t be sorted out just by thinking about it but something needs to be done to eradicate it completely.

  Thinking towards getting a solution to the problem, the idea of the device ‘SHOCKLET’ emerged in the mind of the founder. As a result, the problem related to the security of his sister turned out to be an opportunity for the founder to do something for all the females. problems persisting in society opens up the way for invention and innovation so happened here in the case of ‘SHOCKLET’. After having the idea founder started R&D (i.e. Research and Development) for the project. Working on this device continued almost for one year but after the case of Bengaluru in 2019, rage and anger grew in the public demanding safety for the females along with the death penalty for the rapists, at that time working on the device ‘SHOCKLET’ got to bind up. After this finally, the product/device ‘SHOCKLET’ was launched in the month of December 2019. Overall the idea behind the invention of this device was the concern of a brother for his sister who was staying away from home at a place where no one was there to take care of her. Lokesh Ranjan who is also the co-founder of Shocklet technologies come up with his excellent Ideas on putting this in the market. Here we are covering more than 360 million women across India.