Shahzeb khan

“Become rich, Look rich, Make other rich “

A 19-year-old boy who belongs to Patna, a small city in India has never thought of doing something for the safety of countrymen. Shahzeb Khan is the Founder of Shocklet Technologies. He had completed his +2 in the year 2020 from St Karen’s secondary school. He made his debut in the field of technology when he was in standard 7th. He has developed some very high-tech aerial vehicles for private firms as well as government sectors. At the age of 17, he owned his first company named TheVisata. The company focused on developed high-tech UAVs. Shahzeb Khan has represented India in many global platforms including MAKS which is Russia’s biggest air aviation exhibition, Played finals of the World Robotics Championship held in the United States of America, United Nations Global goals conference Malaysia and etc. He also had the privilege to meet the President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin. In 2018 he received a gold medal for his innovation at Entrepreneurship week Berlin, Germany. Recently he has been featured in the various newspaper for contributing to the fight against coronavirus. Shahzeb and his team were doing surveillance of the entire Patna and some more districts through their drones, which helped a lot to the local administration. Shahzeb holds a couple of patents on his invention and has been awarded by many international authorities. He has never found himself running behind the job. His life is dedicated to creating millions of jobs for unemployed youths, creating a better world by his innovation, and maintaining the peace and dignity of the country.